Well today has pros and cons. Meals first:

Breakfast was supposed to be poached egg, toast, wilted spinach. Instead it was poached eggS, toast and baked beans. Not too bad…
Lunch- wholemeal pasta with zucchini, snow peas, lemon and ricotta
Dinner – chicken sang choi bow

Pros: cooked 2/3 meals which is unheard of for us on a weekend day. Went to the footy and didn’t have a meal there (usually chips or hot dog)

Cons – sprite zero and diet Ginger beer. Ok for calories but not breaking out of the sugar satisfaction habit. Had lots of nibbles of things today, a chip at the footy, a bite of rock cake, a bite of pie… Ate slightly large portion at dinner. Had strawberries after dinner that I didn’t really need. But hey – it could have been chocolate!

Went to physio re busted foot yesterday. It isn’t plantar fasciitis at all but the tibialis posterior tendon attachment. Not good. Taping, gentle stretching of my hip, one flute exercise, new shoes and a little piece of foam in my shoes to unload the muscle.

No running till walking is pain free…